​New Life Program (for women or for men)
Women of Hope Resource Center’s New Life Program is a NJ state-licensed addiction and co-occurring program committed to serve women and men in the South Jersey area.  We equip and empower them by providing addiction services, mentoring, educational services, family support, seminars and workshops.
The New Life Program is a substance abuse treatment program which includes outpatient and intensive outpatient groups for residents in the South Jersey area.  Our staff includes state-licensed addictions counselors with the training and experience necessary to effectively serve those fighting addiction.  Although our primary function is to counsel the alcohol and substance abuse populace, the ultimate purpose of this program is to equip and encourage through mentoring.  It is by this personal process that we make the greatest impact.    
At Women of Hope Resource Center, we value the privacy of our clients, holding all information shared in meetings and discussions as confidential.
Our hope is that we can free people from the bondage of addiction.

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"This place has enabled me to change my life and be freed from my addiction. I wake up every morning and want to stay clean." (Former client testimony)